Sindiko is your smart geo-tasking tool.

Sindiko is a managing and geo-tasking tool, designed to coordinate workers in the field.  It is available for all workflow scenarios for both service and sales activities. Sindiko is a plug-and-play tool.

Sindiko - webová a mobilní aplikace
  • Quick assignment entry
  • Optimization of routing and geointelligence 
  • Automatized assignment delivery to the right worker, based on his availability, qualification and geographical location 
  • Field workers' calendar management
  • Real-time ongoing activities overview
  • Analytics tools for field workers' capacity utilization
  • Business Intelligence Kit for assignments optimization and planning

Sindiko decreases both production and operational costs, as it is easy to integrate in any company's application infrastructure. Your agenda becomes mobile and fully paperless.

Sindiko increases productivity and minimizes paperwork and errors. Enhances efficient process controlling. Brings accurate and precise planning.

Perfect for Service, Sales and Delivery teams

Make your team more productive. Sindiko assures:

  • Data security: included state-of-the-art mobile management system keeps your data safe.
  • Compatibility: Sindiko is easy to integrate in every existing back-end system.
  • Expertise: experience from utilities, finance and facility management make us business analysis experts.
  • Top service: Sindiko keeps evolving, as your business. Look forward to new functions and features that will bring your business to the 21st century.
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