Sindiko is simple, mobile and suitable for every field worker

Sindiko means a complete awareness about where, when and what tasks your people work on. In Sindiko your workers have a comfortable and easy tool that gives their work transparency and administrative accuracy. 

With Sindiko you define the work and assign it to any of your technicians, mechanics, salesmen, delivery guys and others in the field. You manage your field work analytically and take measures for improvement. 

Being able to receive their work orders without using email or telephone your team outside will become flexible. Your planning will improve because you get more accurate data about their availability and work capacity. 

  • Mobile planning gives your workers time and space flexibility.
  • Digital transmission of data automates the administration. 
  • Collecting of unknown and valuable data increases your profit .

Sindiko is a mobile (iOS and Android) and a server application. Together they create an unique tool for smooth organisation of your field work.


Sindiko 2GO

A cloud application for small and medium enterprise, no implementation required.

Sindiko Generic

Sindiko 4Enter

The solution is designed for special needs of the customer.

Sindiko Enterprise